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Johnny Monsarrat is a businessman, public speaker, technologist, writer, and serial entrepreneur. He went to MIT at the age of 16, getting a BA in electrical engineering and computer science, and returning for an MBA. He also attended Brown and Harvard, mainly build robots and studying bioinformatics.

Johnny tries to stay ahead of the curve. He invented the "away message" in the world's first instant messaging system, Zepyhr, then drove the first mobile robot to be piloted over the Internet in 1994. He then worked for Genome Therapeutics, one of the earliest biotech companies, sequencing the genome of bacteria like staphylococcus aureus before the Human Genome Project. He invented massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, a new genre of Internet computer game where today millions of people can connect in a single fantasy world, a virtual reality. His company Turbine grew to be acquired by Warner Brothers for $160 million. Johnny Monsarrat then took a pioneering role in web scraping, earning two patents for the collecting of data from thousands of website sources, creating the world's largest calendar of business networking events. Monsarrat's company, Hard Data Factory, is now expanding this approach to build the world's largest calendar of arts events like festivals and concerts.

Johnny Monsarrat is also a pioneer in the atheist movement, the community of people who don't believe in God and who speak up for their viewpoint and interests. Atheists don't proselytize or try to convert people. They simply want to end discrimination and be normalized and respected in society, as other minority groups has done. They also speak out against religious privileges in the law. Why is it that religious organizations get special treatment? Monsarrat says it is because society has declared that religious people are better people and atheists are in an inferior subclass. This is wrong.

Johnny Monsarrat has through his secular activism worked in executive roles with Edwina Rogers, former two-time White House staffer and four-time Senate staffer, with Richard Dawkins, bestselling author and scientist named the world's top thinker, and Penn Jillette, half of magic act Penn & Teller, the longest running show in Las Vegas history. See how Johnny Monsarrat won a Guinness World Record for his atheist community art project, Soulburners.

You can read how Johnny Monsarrat founded Turbine, how Johnny Monsarrat got lost at night on a mountain, and how Johnny Monsarrat founded Events INSIDER, New England's most popular all-digital news channel on the arts and tourism. You can find Johnny Monsarrat on LinkedIn.

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