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Spanish for "pushers" is "revendedor", which is literally "resellers". Sometimes, instead of being Indian, they are ignorant coletos. Maybe some of them know what they're doing, but 90% don't or they are liars!! The Indians are humans too. "Indio ladino" is a saying, meaning "Indians are very intelligent" (or maybe it's a phrase used to refer to a particularly intelligent Indian?).

The watchers (ojos) aren't ignorant. They know what they are doing. Be more careful. Some of them use pistols. 22 magnum, 38 revolver, 9mm "luger" German pistol, a squarish gun. Before the Zapatistas, there was marijuana (but not cocaine) in San Cristobal.

"villa viciosa", the "Vicious Village", that was the first name for San Cristobal back in the 16th century. In that time, the Spaniards drink & smoke a lot the rum they made with sugar cane and they planted the marijuana plant. Pears, peachers, apples. They called it Vicious Village because marijuana grew so well here, maybe they were disappointed to have to live so far from home in a foreign country. At the end of the 18th century, took the name San Cristobal.

We go outside, and it's cold so my guide pulls frumpy hat down over his face -- it's a ski mask! The masters are mestizos. The ojos are mostly Indians. They receive instructions: to walk along the Farmacias, especially if they receive notice that something's going to happen. For example, perhaps some new policemen have come to town. The master keeps control over the watchers by giving them some of the drug. "You can't escape from me, you need me for this drug." At the end of the month they count the bags and the money, "if you run away, you die."

1994, "mafia in pampers". I think this is the term the Zapatistas got from running drugs. There are maybe 10 Farmacias in town, but he only knows one for sure. In 1994, Alfonso worked as a translator for journalists. Some of them asked him to get them drugs, and they told him it was very high quality. He says, "When I was young, in 1968, I smoked some pot but I'm too old for that now."

I haven't seen any pornography here. He says it's not illegal. It's here but under the table. You can rent a porn movie, 5-10 pesos for 24 hours. If you want to sell pornography without government permission, you can bribe someone. It's possible the government is even receiving a monthly payment not to stop the drugs.

There are several video clubs for pornography. Children go into a rental store, and take the porn video out of its box, and put it in another box like that they're allowed to have. So they fool the shop owners and get the video. There are also special porn magazines, but they are sold in plastic bags so you can't flip through them in the store.

There's that saying again, "poor Mexico -- far from God and close to the United States." He says that "Mexico country has not their own decisions", the US government controls them. Pornography comes from the USA.

The Mexican youth are rejecting the church, and they know about Marx and Freud. They think maybe the Roman church is just trying to control the world. The Catholics invented a special Indian version of Mary: The Virgin of Guadalupe, to get Indians to believe in their religion.

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